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  1. When does the parade start?
    Line up begins at 11 a.m.; the parade begins at Noon.
  2. Where does the parade start?
    The parade route starts where 9th Ave., Gansevoort St., Greenwich St., and Little West 12th St. intersect. This is in Greenwich Village, New York City. Click HERE to for a map.
  3. Who is the sponsoring organization?
    VivaVegie Society, a New York City-based vegan advocacy group, which has held 503(c)3 nonprofit status for over 10 years.
  4. I own a vegetarian restaurant in New York City. How can I get involved?
    First of all, you should be marching in the parade—with a banner! Restaurants can offer dinner for two as a prize in our costume/poster contest. Any restaurant that offers a prize will be prominantly listed in our program guide. Call 212-966-2060 or click HERE for more information.
  5. I have a suggestion for a speaker / celebrity I know. May I contact that person to and ask if they'd like to be on stage at the post-parade rally?
    Wow, thanks! We want to hear your suggestion, but we must have you contact us first. There could be a number of considerations you may not be aware of. Contact the organizers of the parade (
  6. How do I make a donation to the parade?
    If you would like to simply make a donation to the VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE, kindly CLICK the PayPal button that follows. VivaVegie Society is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 educational organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

    If you prefer to send your tax-deductible donation in the mail, you can do that also. Send to:

    VivaVegie Society
    P.O. Box 294
    Prince Street Station
    New York, NY 10012

    Please indicate now if you'd like your contribution to remain anonymous.

  7. How can I volunteer to help put the First Veggie Pride Parade in America on the road?
    We have lots of things you can do! Please visit our volunteering page. Click HERE.