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Kudos to the Volunteers

Omissions regretted. Please send updates and corrections to parade staff.

Claudia Rose Emerson Crowd shots from atop ladders; photograhy director of volunteers

Andrea Strauchler Publicity 2010

Carlos Pinto Transported over a dozen cartons of supplies and outreach materials to beginning of parade, acted as end-car in parade, distributed program guides in Brooklyn

Roberta Schiff Answered phones at the VivaVegie office for three days straignt leading up to the 2010 parade. In 2008, hosted monthly home-cooked dinners in her home for parade planners

Dave Warwak Clean-up with Alan end of 2009; got canvas banners mounted to cardboards, 2010

Bernie G. Megaphone management; generator management; "butler" to Penelo Pea Pod and Chris P. Carrot

Jen McCartney Banner management; food dontation distribution; flyer distribution

Marcia Hershkewitz Main-stage video production

Margaret Halley Ad sales, restaurant outreach, 2010

Margie Extensive program guide distribution

Jorge Guevara Carton transport, office to park and heroic distribution of program guides all three years. Also, ladder holder for photographers

Pei-Cen Menu management, found ace clean-up crew for 2010

Raul Barcelona Penelo Pea Pod in parade 2010

Lisa Lindblom Headed clean-up committee at rally site, gave general help to Pamela

Kamil Ghoshal Carton transport in the a.m., 2010

Tom Thompson General help at rally site (heroic distribution of Primal Sticks!)

Ron Montano flyer/program distribution at expo

Paul White Carton transport, a.m., 2010

Natalie Parks flyer/program distribution at expo

Mindy Getch Programed and posted Veggie Pride Parade Web site bulletin board

JeanThaler Acted as "marshal of the marshals" (making special effort to consult with police ahead of time), posted fliers in restaurants, and sent invite to (her many) friends

Ariel Penne Proofread Web-site pages and other documents, fact and typo checking, link-request reviewing, restaurant outreach, sort outreach materials into satchels

Danielle Fontaine Outreach manager, parade

Sowmya Reddy Mailing (press releases/program guides) to media), lamination, distribution of program guides in Brooklyn

Carrie Smith Contest prize recruitment

Shiela Schwartz Parade outreach materials sort and pack and parade promotion in magazine of the United Federation of Teachers

Louis Gedo Posted flyers along old parade route (which had been publicized) for benefit of potential spectators

Laurie Jordan Media follow-up calls, promotional poster posting

Meg Peak Got Veggie Pride Parade listed online on vegan and vegetarian oriented listserves, meetup-group calendars, Facebook sites

Kaity Tsui Distribution, program guides

Lilly Gooden Online video production

Gerard Sunnen Translated French emails from parade organizers in France (communication with French Pride Parade organizers)