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  • Recorded Aug. 11, 2008: Podcast 8. THE FIRST VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE IN AMERICA, which took place in Greenwich Village, New York City, on May 18, 2008, was a great success. Pamela Rice, Hard News Vegan and organizer of the event gives practical advice for you so you, too, can bring a veggie pride parade to your town or city. She speaks about the importance of (1) having a good Web site containing certain elements, (2) of being in touch with city officials, and (3) of pitfalls you will want to avoid. In addition, she speaks of the importance of bringing in the media and how to get that accomplished.
  • Recorded Dec. 21, 2007: Podcast 6 In this Podcast Pamela recounts her particiption in Just Food's Summit on Food, Farms, and Community Health, which took place on December 1, 2007 at the New School in Manhattan, NYC. She recaps her own experience at the conference as well as that of Lisa Lindblom, a vegan animal advocate and friend. The sponsoring group, Just Food, with its sold-out audience, certainly advocates many important causes: organic agriculture, labor justice, local food, food security, agricultural sustainability and humane food. But it does not go out of its way to push for veganism or vegetarianism. Lisa and Pamela both had a big problem with this. You simply cannot have many of these good things without more people eating less meat or, better yet, adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Recorded Nov. 4, 2007: Podcast 5 This Podcast is an on-the-spot account of a great outreach event with the VivaVegie Society. Pamela Rice, Hard News Vegan, and five compatriots set up a to-spec veal crate at Astor Place in New York City. Several activists took turns sitting inside it, making a particularly powerful image for passersby and passing cars. Activists held pro-veg'n signs and passed out information about the veal crate. And when they got a chance, they also distributed "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian." Several people are interviewed in this podcast. Later, the activists trade accounts of their experiences at the demo over a late lunch. (NOTE: RSS feed for this podcast to come within the week.)
  • Recorded Aug 13, 2007: Podcast 2 continues the formulation process: What can listeners expect to hear here? As promised, click HERE and HERE for links to writings and Podcasts of Gary Francione. Finally, I embark on a discussion about foot and mouth disease, noting that two farms in England have recently had cases. I give a brief history of the horror and horrendous cost of the spring 2001 outbreak of the diseasee, also in England. (Here we go again... It makes me glad I'm a vegan.)