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Al Gore: Let's talk
about meat

Demonstration urges Al Gore to acknowledge meat
as an important driver in climate change

Andreas Turansky, Alan Rice, and Richard Schwartz. Click for larger image.



The demo was top notch (our signs, the demonstrators, the presentation).

Aside from the way-too-many clueless responses from pedestrians as well as the Gore people, the demo was a great success.

Yes, unfortunately, too many people don't know the grim facts that link meat and global warming, thank you, Al Gore -- which tells me that we vegans have our work cut out for us. We need to do much more in terms of education, in some cases directed at veg'ns themselves.

In any case, our presentation was excellent (a kind of a first), and there was much enthusiasm by the particular people who came out for it. We had 5 demonstrators aside from myself (Pamela Rice), which, as things go, is excellent, can't complain.

Penelo Pea Pod was there to bring people over to us and to ask questions.

Ultimately, Al Gore came in the back door. So he did not see our presentation. But one person going to the event told me later that he did give Mr. Gore a crisp copy of our press release and a copy of the current edition of "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian".

I'm hoping veg'n will follow Gore across the nation as he continues his book tour, demonstrating at every stop ....

Yours truly, Pamela Rice, organizer, sign maker, webmaster

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for video of demo.

Richard Schwartz, David Hildebrand, and Penelo Pea Pod (VivaVegie Society). Click for larger image.

Pamela Rice.

Pamela Rice, Penelo Pea Pod, Richard Schwartz, and Alan Rice . Click for larger image.

Alan Rice. Click for larger image.
Andreas Turanski. Click for larger image.

Following is what Al Gore
suggests individuals do to fight global warming:
Change your lightbulbs.
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