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Photos, Web page by Pamela Rice

New York City Board of Education Office of Adult Continuing Education, Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center Health & Wellness Fair, Thurs., May 31, 10 - 2 p.m.

The health fair takes place at the Mid-Manhattan Adult Leanring Center. Here are some of the kids of the students.
After the National Anthem was sung, Ms. Neal, the coordinator for the building, welcomed everyone to the fair.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, invited every year. Moni Woweries staffs the table.
VivaVegie invited back to the fair. We donated several animal-rights videotapes to the organizers of the fair. Pamela Rice staffs the table.
Counselor Napoli Walker, the organizer of the event, invited VivaVegie to participate.

Condoms were to be had by all, even if you didn't want any! You could get an AIDS test or a blood-pressure test at the fair, as well.
Fake fruits and veggies and the government's food pyramid urge people to get with the program.
Find the lump in the simulated breast. Now there's a challenge!

Harlem Natural Food Company and Raw Soul have a beautiful booth.
Volunteers take a break..
Lovely colors on display.

Hula Hoop is great exercise. Recreation experts were on hand to direct the fun.
Breastfeeding given a boost here.
Pregnant women given plenty of support and advice.

No-so-healthy fundraising food from the student council: A dollar bought a piece of cake. The lunch fare offered rice and beans, but the main event was fried chicken, a vegan no-no, in any case.
Here's Myron Authorton. He tells VivaVegie he's shifting his diet over to vegan: And his wife and two daughters will be with him on it.
The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention... Who knew? But they had a booth at the fair, too.

There were crowds and so many opportunities for outreach.
A sound warning on this bag: "Lead can cause learning problems."
Comer frutos y verduras es saludable, or ... to eat fruits and vegetables is healthy.