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Sunday, February 3, 2008

To be or not to be, commercial that is

The park permit (Washington Square Park) for the post-parade rally held by the VivaVegie Society, the sponsoring nonprofit organization of the FIRST VEGGIE PRIDE PARADE IN AMERICA, May 18, 2008, Greenwich Village, New York City, has so far been designated as "GENERAL." This means NOTHING COMMERCIAL (or only minimally so) can go on at the rally.

In order for commercial activities to take place, the city would need to be paid a minimum fee of $11,000. The organizers have not ruled out going for the commercial option. The veg'n lifestyle is, of course, essentially a comsumer choice. Those companies from whom veg'ns purchase their veggie consumer products should probably have a presence at the post-parade park rally. The rally will present commercial vendors invaluable opportunities to promote their products and services if the organizers choose to cover the city's big fee.

It is entirely possible that the money can be found. In exchange for funds, the rally can provide banner space up in the front of the stage. If you are interested in becoming such a sponsor, click HERE ( to contact account manager Pamela Rice.

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