Veggie Pride Parade

This is the blog for the Veggie Pride Parade, NYC.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lots and lots of images of the parade now posted

Some people at Sunday's event took pictures. Some people took a lot of pictures! And some of those images have been posted to Web pages. And we've made a Web page linking to them all. Click HERE to see the links. Once you get clicking around, you'll be amazed at how comprehensively this event was actually covered.

If you were not able to be there at our big parade, at least you have this next-best view.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Media coverage for Sunday's parade, extensive

For a rundown of all the media coverage that was given to the parade -- all in one place -- click HERE. The best of the bunch was being picked up by the Associated Press. About 155 mainstream news outlets (TV, radio, print) ran the story. Having an article and photo in The New York Times, which went all over the country, was also tremendous.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A new route. A better route!

The NYPD just hit us with a big one: They changed our route. Thankfully, the start and end points have stayed the same, and the route is, in fact, a better one!

Click HERE for for a map. Orange = new route.

Wonderful story about parade in NY Sun

'Give Peas a Chance,' Veggie Priders Will Say

Staff Reporter of the Sun

Vegetarians will be saying "Give Peas a Chance" as they march through Greenwich Village Sunday during the first Veggie Pride Parade.

Beginning in the meatpacking district, of all places, the celery celebrants will wend their way to Washington Square Park for a rally featuring music and exhibitor tables.

The parade organizer, Pamela Rice, thinks big. Veggie Pride "will be the Woodstock of the 21st century," she says. Ms. Rice has spent hundreds of hours preparing for the event, which she says has a serious purpose: "We want people to understand the ramifications of their food choices."

Click HERE for full story and to leave a comment in the NY Sun Web site.

Monday, May 12, 2008

AM New York does story about Veggie Pride Parade

[amNewYork has a super excellent story about the Veggie Pride Parade in today's (May 12) paper, p. 4. A longer version of the story can be found in the amNewYork Web site. Click HERE to read and leave a comment.]

Show your veggie pride in first-ever parade next week
What do you get when you cross a seven-foot peapod with an equally tall smiling carrot? Why, a veggie wedding. The nuptials of Penelo Pea Pod and PeTA’s Chris P. Carrot will cap the first U.S. Veggie Pride Parade next Sunday in Greenwich Village.

The parade starts at noon in the Meatpacking District, where Ninth Avenue meets Gansevoort, Greenwich, and Little West 12th streets. It ends at Washington Square Park.

For full story, click HERE.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New color poster for download

We have a new color post-able poster to promote the Veggie Pride Parade around town.

This is a 1.7 MB file you can run out yourself from your own color printer or send to the copy shop so it can run it out.

Click HERE and scroll down to download the file.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lots of free food at post-parade rally and expo

The First Veggie Pride Parade in America, May 18, 2008, in Greenwich Village, NYC, will end in a rock concert, rally, and expo. The event is considered a First Amendment event. No one is allowed to sell anything. That means that everything is free, including all the groovy munchies from the food vendors with exhibit tables. Expect food or drink from Whole Earth Bakery, Sacred Chow, Tofurky (Turtle Island Foods), Honest Teas, Primal Spirit, and possibly Vegan Treats.

Our progam guide brings it all to the table

The program / ad booklet for our Veggie Pride Parade is ready for viewing. Click on the image at left or click HERE to go to our program-guide page to download in PDF format.

Two thousand hard-copy booklets, 24 pages plus cover, will be distributed at the parade and at the post-parade rally/expo to parade and rally participants, parade watchers (bystanders) and curiosity seekers. Another 1,500 copies will be distributed in the week prior to the parade to local restaurants.

The guide gives a rundown of the day's activities, a map of the parade route, bios of the speakers, parade chants, list of exhibitors, list of companies donating prizes for the costume and signboard slogan contest, thank yous to the volunteers, and, of course, ads from advocady organizations, farm sanctuaries, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cooking schools, online stores, food producers, and sundry pro-veg companies and groups.

The program is a window on our historic day, even if you cannot in fact come to the event. The guide is sure to become a collectors' item.