Veggie Pride Parade

This is the blog for the Veggie Pride Parade, NYC.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We got our wide-angle crowd shots

Success! We now have our wide-angle crowd shots of not only the parade but the post-parade rally & expo in Union Square Park. We had about 700 marchers (we counted them with a hand-held clicker). But once we reached the park, our numbers easily grew to a thousand. In the park, we had 40 hand-picked exhibitors, over a dozen inspiring speakers from a wide constituency of veg-adherence, free vegan food, and a super-fun costume contest with 18 prizes donated from a healthy bevy of veggie businesses. Click image at right to see larger version of the park crowd shot. Click on it for an even larger image.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Documenting Veggie Pride Parade, NYC, 2009. Your help needed

Our parade was an incredible success! We had 38 exhibitors, over a dozen speakers (including NYC mayoral candidate Tony Avella), 7 booths with free vegan food, live music from vegan singer/songwriter Cheryl Hill, and an incredible costume contest award ceremony!

Now we need to go about the task of documenting the day.

We're adding image-set links to our images page; and we're tracking down media stories and blog posts.

Report in to the Veggie Pride Parade planning committee with your link sitings of interest. We will post to our Web site. Contact, Pamela at