The scary truth about Perdue from Animal Rights Intn'l:

The Viva Vine: vol #4, no #2: March / April 1995

Imagine a work environment so tough you can't get permission to go to the rest rooms. Imagine the humiliation of having to urinate on yourself because you are not allowed to leave the workline. Imagine male supervisors who try to trade sex for less demeaning work or for job protection. Imagine work so grueling it can cripple you in a matter of months. Imagine being incapacitated and then thrown out on the street with no compensation. Imagine a boss who goes to the Mafia for help when he hears you talking about unionizing to protect yourself from his abuses.

All of these conditions have been described in sworn testimony to a U.S. Senate hearing on Poultry Safety (S Hrg 102-228) by women working on the Perdue chicken disassembly line.

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