United Poultry Concerns Announces The Fifth Annual Spring Mourning Vigil for Chickens
The Viva Vine: vol #4, no #2: March / April 1995

Date: Saturday, May 6, 1995 Place:Boston Chicken and Chicken Out Restaurants, Bethesda Ave. & Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD (Turn right onto Bethesda Ave. going South on Wisconsin)

Time: 1:00 to 3:00

On Saturday, May 6, 1995, from 1 to 3 p.m. United Poultry Concerns will hold the Fifth Annual Spring Mourning Vigil for Chickens in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. Our purpose is to draw public attention to the billions of chickens slaughtered for human consumption in the United States and worldwide, and to urge people: "Don't Just Switch From Beef To Chicken -- get the slaughterhouse out of your kitchen!"

In recent years younger and heavier birds have been bred for fast-food and rotisserie restaurants such as Boston Chicken and Chicken Out. The more fragile capillaries of this newer breed makes for a more cruel death as each suffers massive hemorrhage during the initial electric stunning during slaughter.

Partly because chickens are excluded from the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, 30 million birds each day in the U.S. endure horrendous pain in being subjected to the technology that is used to fast-track their bodies to consumer's plates.

No matter what the poultry industry says, chicken is not a healthy or a happy choice. The birds go to slaughter loaded with pathogens. They are subjected to cruelty from the hatchery to the slaughterhouse. Their flesh tells a tale that consumers understandably respond to by saying, "Oh please. Don't tell me about it."

The purpose of the Vigil is to tell people about it and to encourage everyone to switch to vegetarianism by offering them delicious "chickenless" chicken food samples and free recipes and by selling the no-turning-back cookbook, Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey: A Poultryless "Poultry" Potpourri.

Please join the growing number of people, such as Eddy Bikales, who one day realize with horror, "Chicken bones! For the first time, I wholly grasped that these wings were, in fact, really wings, dead wings, resting in a basket."

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