The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #1: January / February 1994
2nd Annual Holiday Vegan Potluck A Huge Success

Vegetarians came from out of the woodwork on December 23 for the second annual holiday vegan potluck sponsored by EarthSave New York, The VivaVegie Society and the Vegetarian Society of New York. Seventy people came to the offices of The Network for a Sustainable New York on 28th St. in Manhattan hearing about the event nearly entirely through word of mouth. Tony White, the primary organizer of the event, introduced special guests after announcing the formation of his new group Break Bread ... For a Change which will sponsor ongoing potlucks at the New York offices of Greenpeace (see enclosed flyer and/or calendar on page 1 for details).

> Lorna Sass, author of Recipes from an Ecological Kitchen was on hand with copies of her book to sell and sign, as was Rynn Berry, author of Famous Vegetarians

> Hubert Davis was honored for consistent culinary excellence and the longevity of his monthly Queens potlucks (7 years).

> Joe Yu of Tien Vegetarian House let people know about his catering and vegetarian food consulting service.

> The VivaVegie Society sounded the hope that the momentum of potluck "mania" continue, and announced that a vegetarian street advocacy flyer distribution was scheduled for the following day. And finally:

> Manny Goldman entertained us with the warm sounds of his portable keyboard.

The 31st World Congress for Vegetarians will be held August 8-13, 1994, The Hague, Holland in honor of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Foundation Day of the Dutch Vegetarian Organization. A truly global conference is in store. For more information write: Stichting Vegetarian Congress Holland '94, Larenseweg 26, 1221 CM Hilversum, Holland.

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