The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #4: September / October 1994
Thirteen Reasons to stop using dairy products by Robert Greene

1. Pesticide residues. Dairy products have high pesticide residues, 6 times higher than the average non-animal food products. [See graph on page 317 of "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins.]

2. Antibiotics are routinely added to the feed of cows. This comes through in the milk (and meat) people eat. This can upset the natural balance of intestinal flora in the body and may be related to candida albicans problems so widespread today.

3. Cruelty. Purchase of dairy products supports the hideously cruel veal industry. Cows must continuously be calving for the production of milk. The female offspring generally become more milk producers. The "superfluous" males, mostly, are individually crated so they can grow to semi-adulthood with flesh still as tender as a baby calf, just more of it.

4. Congestion. Dairy products are mucous producing and their consumption is often the source of allergies, sinus congestion, post-nasal drip, bronchial congestion, and lung congestion.

5. Prostate cancer. Milk and cheese are identified (along with meat and eggs) as risk factors for fatal prostate cancer. [See American Journal of Epidemiology, August, 1984.] Prostate problems are very widespread in men over 40 years old, increasing in probability with age.

6. Reproductive system disorders. The consumption of dairy products is strongly linked to various disorders of the female reproductive system, including ovarian tumors/cysts, vaginal infections/discharges, and uterine fibroids. [See Food as Healing, by Annmarie Colbin.]

7. Multiple Sclerosis. Dairy products are implicated as a causative factor in multiple sclerosis, the progressively debilitating disease that strikes young adults. [See page 279-282 of "Diet for a New America,"by John Robbins.]

8. Osteoporosis. Despite the good amounts of calcium that are found in milk, the high concentration of protein also found causes urinary excretions of calcium. This calcium loss leads to osteoporosis (a disease of thinning bones commonly found in older people). [See McDougall's Medicine by Dr. John McDougall.]

9. Lactose intolerance is a condition of lacking the digestive enzyme "lactase" which digests the carbohydrate portion of dairy products known as lactose or milk sugar. This commonly causes headaches, gas, abdominal pain or cramps. This affects 5-10% of Caucasian adults, 70% of Black adults, both American and African, and many Oriental adults. [See "Incidence of Lactase Deficiency in Ulcerative Colitis," Gastroenterology, 53:890, 1967.]

10. Saturated fat. The fat content of dairy products is saturated fat. This contributes to heart disease, which kills 40% of Americans, and to strokes, which kill 10% of Americans. Saturated animal fat consumption is also strongly linked to many forms of cancer.

11. No fiber. Dairy products also contain no fiber, potentially contributing to constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer.

12. Colic in babies is caused by antibodies in milk. This can happen even if the baby is breast-fed and the mother consumes dairy products. [Pediatrics, April, 1991.]

13. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a genetically engineered hormone that forces cows to produce up to 25% more milk (on top of the increased production amounts--up to 10 times more than in nature--that have already been achieved through selective breeding). Synthetic rBGH puts great stress on cows, making them susceptible to udder infections such as mastitis as well as other diseases. Since dairy farmers treat mastitis with antibiotics increased residues of antibiotics will now more likely be found in milk. Mastitis itself increases the likelihood of pus being secreted into the milk as well. The FDA has already approved usage of rBGH on cows whose milk is destined for human consumption.

(Robert Greene is the accountant of The VivaVegie Society and an avid vegan. He counsels: "Wean yourself!" with the many cow's milk substitutes you can find at the health food store.)

If you still need convincing about dairy, send for the video Dealing in Downers: California's Dairy Industry. Send $15. plus $3.50 s/h to Farm Sanctuary, P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891.

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