The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #4: September / October 1994

Dear vegetarian advocates and veg-evangelists:

It's been a productive couple of months for The VivaVegie Society. Though you may have missed getting your "VivaVine" because there is no July-Aug. issue, our vegetarian street advocacy has been flourishing. New names have been added to the roster of brave crusaders in the valiant effort to educate the public about vegetarianism.

woman in veal crateUnidentified woman who volunteered to sit in our veal crate for 3 minutes (68K).

We've seen quite a few new faces out on the street with us, flyers in hand and in some cases sitting in a veal crate -- made to spec for a dramatic visual effect. The VivaVegie Society is also seriously working on the planning of a vegetarian resource and community center in Manhattan. And look for our vegetarian art show this Spring .

The following courageous activists deserve mention: Alix Fano, Hubert Davis, Mia McDonald, Martin Rowe, Rochelle Goldman, Jean Thaler, Susan and Jed Civic, Susan Kalev, Lourie Jordan, Charles Patterson, Jesse Silverman, Susan Rothman, Marcia Hershkowitz, Joan Zacharias, and Hugh Rothbaum. Also, thank you to Donna E. Waldman of Baltimore for the generous donation to help defray the cost for our mailing of the "101 Reasons" to every U.S. Congressperson last Fall. Also, thanks to Gerard Sunnen for his efforts toward the Vegetarian Art Show.
-- Pamela

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