The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #4: September / October 1994
Meat-Free Burger Intro Turns Ugly

The Hague, (AP) Aug. 11--The thought of a new meat-free burger from a leading U.S. fast food chain apparently turned the stomachs of vegetarians at The World Vegetarian Congress in the Netherlands, according to the Rotterdam daily Algemeem Dagblad today. There were catcalls and jeers from the audience as a speaker from the firm took the podium in front of delegates from 32 countries to extol the virtues of the culinary creation to be sold alongside traditional burgers with ham and cheese fillings.

Things came to a head when an American shouted that no self-respecting vegetarian should eat a meatfree burger from the "Butcher McDonald's." Several dozen audience members agreed and stormed out of the hall.

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