The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #5: November / December 1994

Dear Pam,
I'd like to obtain a copy of your "101 Reasons..." I am a ballet teacher and a vegetarian for 18 years. I teach my dancers about good nutrition and peace through the arts. Many are now veggies!
--Sincerely, Debbie C., Westland, MI 48185

I work for Shoprite. One of the things I really don't like about my job is meats. Sometimes the meat packages are runny, sticky and bloody. Yek. I immediately put them in another plastic bag so I don't have to touch them twice. But, sometimes I forget and touch my finger to my tongue...
--Vera P., Kearny, NJ

Hello Friends!
Your "101 Reasons..." was wonderful! Very thorough, to say the least. Please send me the references.
--Nicole G, Peekskill, NY

Hi Pamela
I became a vegetarian almost 2 years ago and someone is always asking me why. The sad thing is the feeling of amazement and even pity I get from other people, that I would deprive myself of so many good things to eat! Next time someone asks me, I will show them "101 Reasons..." and then see how they feel about my deprivation!
--Carol H. Mpls., MN

Dear VivaVegie Society,
...I've been a vegetarian for five years and there is absolutely no going back!
--Jaclyn Dee H., Merlin, OR

Dear Pamela:
When I came across your "101 Reasons..." I had been working on a newsletter of my own with the same idea--to convert people to vegetarianism. Mine was to be more like a newsletter, with articles on the health/moral/planetary reasons to be vegi as well as excerpts from my favorite books, recipes, pictures, and even song lyrics, such as Meat is Murder by The Smiths. A graphic designer by trade, the project was also fun for the design exercise. However, your "101 Reasons..." was so effective that I pretty much halted production immediately after reading it! I may go back to it at some point.

Otherwise, I loved your vision of a community center. Here's an idea: many of us wanna-be New York activists would love to come visit and contribute to campaigns, demonstrations, etc., but do not have friends in New York. The community center could include a bed & breakfast/hostel-like accommodation.
--Stephanie Fitz, San Francisco, CA

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