The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #5: November / December 1994
The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act

In the United States seven of the eight billion animals slaughtered for human food each year are chickens. These birds, plus millions of turkeys, spent laying hens, ducks and small birds, are specifically excluded from federal humane slaughter laws. Current commercial practice is to stun the birds electrically, but millions are missed by stunning equipment and remain fully conscious. So-called "spent" laying hens and small birds such as quail do not receive even this small mercy. Unstunned and poorly stunned birds are then subjected to having their neck vessels cut, causing severe and extended agony while they are left hanging upside down by their feet in the "bleedout tunnel" before being plunged into a tank of scalding water, in many cases still alive, conscious, and breathing.

Send $1 donation plus an SASE to United Poultry Concerns to obtain petitions directed at the U.S. Congress for the passage of the H.R. 649 Humane Methods of Poultry Slaughter Act.

Write: United Poultry Concerns, P.O. Box 59367, Potomac, MD 20859, or call 301/948-2406 for more information
-- from United Poultry Concerns

See how it feels

Last December, four men accepted a $15,000 challenge from British activists to live for a week like battery-caged hens. The men quit after 18 hours, emerging from their 3-ft. square, 6-ft. high cage sore, hungry, and cold, unable to endure for even one day what hens must endure for their entire 2-year lives.
-- from PAWS Action, newsletter of Progressive Animal Welfare Society

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