The Viva Vine: vol #3, no #5: November / December 1994
Pushing fast food to go veggie

The operators of the Subway chain, Franchise World Headquarters, allows every outlet the option of carrying up to five local options along with the standard menu. The "No-Fat Burger" can be carried by any restaurant of the chain. Please call your local Subway franchise operator and corporate development agent now. Let them know that you as a consumer would like to be able to purchase the veggie option at your local Subway shop. The burger is also marketed at Publix supermarkets under the name Boca Burger. It was found out that a whole shipment of 3,300 Boca Burgers was sent to the White House recently. They had been recommended to the President and First Lady by Dr. Dean Ornish, the best selling author who has pioneered techniques in reversing heart disease through diet, spirituality and stress reduction. The burger reportedly is also aboard Air Force One.

Also, keep those calls to Burger King coming. Call 1-800-YES-1800 to voice your strong approval of a "Watlkins Glen"- style veggie burger, and that you would like the veggie option to expand to the rest of the 5,800 U.S. Burger King outlets.

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