The Viva Vine: vol #5, no #1: January / February 1996

It's time for
an Animal Welfare Act
-- for ALL animals

Want to strike terror in the heart of any business person who uses animals as commodities? Want to engage every neighbor in your town to the beliefs of animal rights? Want to turn every animal-abusing industry, plop, up side down, turned on its head? Want to join a campaign that reaches nearly all animal rights issues in one fell swoop?

It's simple. Yes, quite simple--and with its simplicity, this campaign gains its greatest power.

Few people are aware (even animal rights advocates) that the Animal Welfare Act as passed by the United States Congress, does not cover animals used for "food or fiber"--animals used for commercial purposes.

As it stands today, if you use animals as part of your business: chickens, minks, sheep, hogs, cows, mares (whatever), no one can bring you up on any legal charge if you inflict abuse upon those animals.

If ALL animals were covered by the Animal Welfare Act, it would be a lot harder to put an animal in a tiny stall for its entire life. It would become a little harder to allow an animal to languor in a cage neglected till it starves to death. Animal factories that have proliferated unabated for the last 50 years could regularly be brought to court to answer for their abuses--and abuse is integral to their operations.

Here is an irresistible campaign that will engage average people. Here is OUR all-encompassing "Endangered Species Act." Here is the issue that exposes the reason for nearly all animal abuse--it's cheap and it's convenient ... and the government joins in the complicity.

The complicity must end.

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