The VivaVine
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VOLUME #5, NUMBER 1; Jan./Feb., 1996

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The VivaVine masthead
Candle Cafe: a great restaurant; and it's veg !
Feds put stamp of approval on veg diet: AT LAST !
Pledgers make it all happen for next edition of 101 Reasons: we're talking to the printer already
Grapevine: just tell 'em where ya heard it!
Cybervine: for the wired vegetarian
The lovely Jean Thaler is the VivaVegie pin up this issue
VivaVegie calls for and Animal Welfare Act for ALL animals: a strategy to win
The Calendar: February through August, 1996
VivaVegie does street fairs: the veal crate gives maximum impact
The dirt on farmers in their own words

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