Jean Thaler
The Viva Vine: vol #5, no #1: Jan./Feb.1996


The VivaVegie Society is priviledged to have the lovely Jean Thaler of Big Apple Vegetarians as its veg advocate for the January/February, 1996 issue of The VivaVine

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Jean is the founder and coordinator of the very successful vegetarian group, Big Apple Vegetarians. She is a bank examiner by day and fervent vegetarian advocate by ... well, during her free time. Big Apple Vegetarians is a vital part of New York City's vegetarian community.

Stay on Big Apple's mailing list: send annual fee of $5, checks payable to Jean Thaler, 125 Ocean Pkwy., 3a, Bklyn, NY 11218. Recorded message: (718)438-1523.

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