Vol #5, No #1: January / February 1996
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The VivaVegie Society

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Publisher & Man. Ed.:

Pamela Teisler-Rice

Alan Rice

Joan Zacharias

Contributing Writers:
Mia MacDonald, Joan Zacharias, Eddy Bikales

Copy Editing :
Charles Patterson

Gaggle of veg-evangelists:
Rochelle Goldman, Dean Milan, Joan Zacharias, Hubert Davis, Jean Thaler, Martin Rowe, Alix Fano, Hugh Rothbaum

Editorial Consultants:

Karen Davis
United Poultry Concerns

Henry Spira
Coalition for Non-Violent Food and Animal Rights International

Richard Schwartz
author, Judaism and Vegetarianism

Special thanks to Craig Filipacchi and Nadine Miral of Earthbase

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