The Viva Vine: vol #5, no #2: September / October, 1996


Deja Pu

Beulaville, NC -- A muddy brown plume of chicken waste flowed into the Northeast Cape Fear River on Tuesday as biologists and environmental inspectors scrambled to assess damage from North Carolina's third agricultural spill in two weeks....

...The accident was not as big as the 25 million gallon spill from a lagoon at Oceanview Farms hog farm near Richlands on June 21 -- the state's worst agricultural spill on record. But in sheer volume, it was approaching the size of the 11 million gallon oil spill from the Exxon Valdez in 1989.

  • from: The News and Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina
    "Chicken waste hits river" (Boss Hog: Follow-up story)
    by staff writers Wade Rawlings and Ben Stocking, July 5, 1995

    Turd World

    Karen Priest grew up in Bladen County, North Carolina. In 1987, her family bought a house about a mile from her parents' home.

    Now her home is surrounded by large hog farms. "I feel like I'm raising my children in a Third World country covered with cesspools," she told the audience at the North Carolina Hog Summit, a standing-room-only meeting in New Bern, NC this past spring. "Because of the hog odor, it's been over a year since I've opened my windows. My family's rights have been violated." Her presentation received a standing ovation.

  • from: Progressive Farmer Online
    "North Carolina Hosts Hog Summit," by Boyd Kidwell, June 1996

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