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VOLUME #5, NUMBER 2; September / October, 1996

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The VivaVine masthead
Election '96: Veg Issues thoroughly dealt with...NOT!: Two major parties condone food animal industry handouts
VivaVegie diary: McSabotage and Hot Dog Day Afternoon
Three stories on the meat beat: "Are pigs for eatin'?
The excrement files: Turd World and Deja Pu
So, what is The VivaVegie Society? activism, since 1991!
The Veal World: dirt on farmers
GRAPEVINE: How to get 'em to be veg, or at least understand veg...
The thorough 13: foods the experts agree are super nutritious
Online, you are not alone listserves and web sites for veggies
CYBERPEAS: your veg epiphany on the WEB
Rancher government giveaways: legislation threatens to give even more away to these peddlers of misery
Twenty-one million chickens slaughtered every day by comparison, cows, pigs and sheep barely register in the numbers game
The Calendar: September through October, 1996

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