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VOLUME #5, NUMBER 3; November / December., 1996

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The VivaVine masthead
Grain Shortages: meat eaters the driving force
Food Not Bombs: for a grassroots transformation
Feed the World Day: no one should go hungry within 10 miles of our temple
VivaVegie plants doubt in the minds of sausage fest revelers: VivaVegie drives meat vendors crazy
Cancer Society says no more red meat zilch, zippo, none
Dead pig disposal: the dirt on farmers
GRAPEVINE: Sausage equals floor scrapes
Bosnia: What could be more convenient: slaughterhouse for animals converted for humans
PCBs, just one more reason: why can't johnny read?
Feds take child from veg home agents cite fridge void of meat
CYBERPEAS: your veg epiphany on the WEB
Dr. Michael Klaper: are we sarcastic yet?
PCRM, on cow's milk: it does a body bad
PETA, on cow's milk: it does a cow bad
Vegan substitutes for cow's milk: who needs the stuff from cows?
So, what is The VivaVegie Society?: a general rundown
The Calendar: November through December, 1996

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