The Viva Vine: vol #6, no #1: January / February, 1997

Know thy ignorant enemy

Hate from the opposition:

Wacko? You people might better just look in the mirror

At the end of September, the VivaVegie Society had the dubious honor of being named a "Wacko Website o' the Week."


They call themselves The Right Side of the Web

...and they themselves best describe why they decided to provide Internet links to "left-wing" websites for their radical right-wing followers:

"We have come under a lot of criticism here at The Right Side of the Web for not providing links to the "other side of the issues" or not "giving balance" or "equal time." There are plenty of ways people can post opposing views (to our Message Wall, for example, or our new BBS), and there are plenty of other websites that do a fine job. Well, it's time that we honor some of our favorite extremist left-wing wacko sites by honoring them here as our Wacko Website o' the Week."

The rules for making Wacko Website o' the Week are pretty simple, really. They must fulfill one of the following requirements: 

  1. They must be so absurd that they make us laugh
  2. They must clearly demonstrate a devotion to extremist left-wing religious zealotry
  3. They must reflect an utter unawareness that the Soviet Union collapsed because socialism does not work
  4. It must hold the value of any kind of plant or animal life above or equal to human life
  5. It must be affiliated in some way with the Democratic Party or Bill Clinton

The following are only a few E-mails that the VivaVegie Society has received since being so honored as a "Wacko Website o' the Week."

ONE CENTRAL THEME RUNS through Liberalism in America today. That is the attempt to deny the truth if it doesn't fit your position.

The Truth: Man is a meat-eating animal and has been for thousands of years. If you start now, maybe in a thousand generations you can change that. But for now, I support P.E.T.A., People Eating Tasty Animals, that is. <Anonymous>

HI. SORRY, MAN. Potatoes don't plump when you cook 'em. Viva la T-bone! And besides, veggies are always hard to swallow-the wheelchairs get stuck in your teeth.
From: Stefko <>

I CAN'T WAIT. HUNTING starts on Monday, we are loading our guns as I type. I can't wait for Monday night to bite into the thick juicy deer steak and spit out his formerly warm fat. You nut jobs don't know what your [sic] missing. I will have to have a salad on the side, just to make you people life to it's [sic] fullest, shoot a dear [sic].
Mail us back.
Tom <>
Chris <>

ALTHOUGH YOUR PAGE is pretty much annoying and I can't stand causes in general, I would like to congratulate you on being elected "Wacko Website o' the Week" by those ever present do-gooders at the Right Side of the Web. It says in my rulebook that anyone who they hate has to be at least kinda kewl. So, good for you, keep annoying them, pluck their eyebrows in their sleep, eat a cheeseburger.
E-mail from: Steven Kane

From: Jeremy Carlson <>

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) website gets its share

Witness the following:

Via: Anonymous forwarding service
Fri, 24 May 1996
SEE YOU AT the March for Animals on June 23rd. Wear your ALF shirts. I want to see how many holes I can put through your chest.

Date: Fri, 17 May 1996
Subject: DeadMeat
WE'VE BEEN TRACKING your people. We will not rest until you have all been vivisected.
-the militant anti-vegans

Anonymously-To: an566640
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 00:59:34 UTC
WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, anyway? We like to wear fur just because it looks good. We don't even want to pretend we need to wear fur, we just do so to look rich. Try to live with it, S.O.B.-commies! We hope the people in your worthless campaign against decent fur owners will soon find themselves in a garrote. We very warmly recommend English beef for you-after all, you haven't got anything to lose anymore. P.S. Get a life!

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