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The Viva Vine: vol #6, no #1: January / February, 1997

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The VivaVine masthead
Factory Farming: fueled by business interdependence
Vitamin B-12: the vegan Achilles heel
VivaVegie in need of your financial support to go 501(c)3 for non-profit status
Your own http address through VivaVegie: We call it Cyberpeas!
Grapevine: Going 87 miles for her veg diet
Vegetarians News: Labor Department to investigate poultry sweat shops
McDonald's albatross: McLibel trial verdict in the offing
The Dirt on Farmers: Freeze-branding, how-to
A whole foods diet gets a plug
Right-wing hate from the Wacko Website 'o the Week
Survey: Carol Adams has some questions about your lifestyle
Kill your own food: right in your own kitchen
Your pet dog as dinner: bitting sarcasm gets New York Times full page
VivaVegie's calendar of events

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