The Viva Vine: vol #6, no #1: January / February, 1997

This ran as a full-page ad in the New York Times (11/7/96)

Why would anybody eat
their best friend?

(IMAGE TO COME: puppy resting inside hot-dog bun...)

It could save your life! Has anyone ever died from salmonella or E.Coli after eating their companion animal? But thousands of Americans die from toxic meat, poultry and eggs each year. And millions become seriously ill, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Because raising food animals in dark, squalid cages where they can't even turn around, lie down or breathe normally isn't just cruel and abusive. It's a recipe for a lethal disease.

You'll be taking a stand against cruelty. Right up to the moment you slip your furry friend into a hot-dog roll, he'll have led a pampered and happy life. No such luck for the 8 billion farm animals consumed in the U.S. each year! Their lives are a never-ending nightmare. The millions who drop dead from stress are considered just a routine business expense.

You'll help save the environment. Factory farms destroy the environment. The dumping of millions of tons of animal waste and rotting body parts is poisoning once pristine waterways and underground water supplies. Putrid air is making entire communities uninhabitable.

You'll help exploited workers. Eating Rover or Muffin won't leave you feeling that you contributed to the abuse of the human victims who cut up slaughtered animals. Many workers, particularly in the poultry industry, are crippled by having to cut up to 90 chickens a minute. When they can no longer work, they are discarded like worn- out tires.

You'll help solve the dog and cat overpopulation problem. Unwanted dogs and cats are put to death by the millions. Until we can implement a national spay/neuter program and stop the endless cycle of unwanted animals starving in the streets, why not just attack the problem with a hot skillet and a dash of garlic.

Finally, let's not allow anything as irrational as personal attachment to stand between us and a real hot dog. Loving and cuddling some animals while ignoring the suffering of others, who feel exactly the same pain, is what's really irrational. We are programmed from our first meals to pet some animals and eat others. But a meatless diet can save your health, the environment and the lives of farm animals. Best of all, with your new, nonviolent diet you can keep cuddling your four-legged friend while sending a powerful message to the meat industry's moguls of misery.

This ad was produced by
a project of ANIMAL RIGHTS INT'L.
P.O. Box 214, Planetarium Sta., New York, NY 10024
Henry Spira, Coordinator.

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