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Penelo Pea Pod

Penelo Pea Pod Penelo Pea Pod Penelo Pea Pod Penelo Pea Pod

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Penelo Pea Pod to make her debut on Easter Sunday, 1997

Costume designer donates the ultimate vegetarian outreach tool

VivaVegie member Janet Bloor told us she wanted to contribute something to advance the cause of vegetarianism. Standing on the street corner, however, just wasn't it-even though she admired those people who were willing to do it. Since her strengths lay in other spheres, namely costume design-her company supplies costumes to Broadway and Off-Broadway productions-she asked us if we would wear a veggie costume if she went to the effort of making it. We said yes...a thousand times, yes!

The Easter Parade in New York City has for several years been one of the most fruitful venues for VivaVegie. On this famous annual occasion, New Yorkers flock to Fifth Avenue between 42nd Street and 57th Street, where traffic is blocked off, to promenade in their Easter Sunday best, which usually includes a beautiful and creatively made headdress.

The fruit-festooned head stocking, part of the VivaVegie street advocacy getup, has always been a ready-made Easter Parade sensation. And the camera-wielding crowds are a perfect audience for veggie advocacy.

This year, Penelo Pea Pod is going to knock their socks off! We're sure to make the local if not the national news on Easter as well the following day, so check your usual media points if you want to see Penelo Pea Pod in all her splendor!

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