The Viva Vine: vol #6, no #2: March / April 1997


Ad dollars add up
to billions deceived

A lot of people eat meat and don't think a thing of it. Hoping to perpetuate this mindless flesh eating, the fast-food pushers of dead animals spend a pretty penny on TV advertising. Their ad dollars not only convince many of the acceptability and desirability of eating animal corpses but also quell any real editorial criticism of their products and business practices. Measured in exposures-per-household, McDonald's and Burger King, topping the list of TV advertisers, entered our homes a total of over 37.2 billion times in 1996. Of the top-ten TV advertisers, five were fast-food chains.

Top tv advertisers (from USA Today: 1/6/97)

50-week review, Jan. 1-Dec. 15, 1996

Advertised brand No. of household exposures* Times ad aired
1 MC DONDALD'S 21.5 2,798
2 BURGER KING 15.7 2,232
3 Sears 8.2 987
4 AT&T 7.0 956
5 KFC 6.7 869
6 Tylenol 6.4 784
7 WENDY'S 6.2 894
8 JCPenny 6.1 735
9 MCI 5.5 732
10 RED LOBSTER 5.1 618

* In billions. One household might be exposed to several ads each day.
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Monitor-Plus service

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