The Viva Vine: vol #6, no #4: September / October 1997

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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Penelo Pea Pod: Demo at Nathan's hot-dog eating contest

VivaVegie made its views clear at Nathan's Fourth of July hot-dog eating contest this year in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Our lovely Penelo Pea Pod was on hand at the annual death banquet with an upbeat message: "Give Peas a Chance. GO VEGETARIAN." The cameras clicked her as the hot-dog eating contestants stuffed their faces. Though in years past VivaVegie was relegated to the other side of six-lane Surf Avenue and even had one of its own arrested, this year we were able to get right in the thick of things, nudging up against all those media people who every year give this event automatic coverage.

Several newspapers interviewed us for their stories. An image stock house and two documentary-film companies got our Grand Dame of Vegetableland, Penelo Pea Pod, on camera as well.

So Nathan's, now for a fourth year running, because of the VivaVegie Society, you have not gone unchallenged. Thanks to Rochelle Goldman (who donned the pea-pod costume), Jean Thaler, Charles Patterson, David Fishman and Alex Press for giving peas a chance at this VivaVegie outing.

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