The Viva Vine: vol #1, no #4: September / October 1992
Good Folks, Get to Know Them

Bunny Huggers' Gazette.
Here is the animal rights "yellow pages" of organizations, legislation, lists of boycotts, media contacts, petitions and protests. Sample protest letters and news items are also a regular feature in the bi-monthly publication. The name is cutesy, but the amount of information you'll receive with every issue is really amazing. For $13 a year (for a general subscription), it is a must for anyone interested in animal rights. Send a self addressed stamped envelope with your inquiry. P.O. Box 601, Temple, Texas 76503.

Alas, this organization has not been featured in this section of past issues of "The VivaVine." (Perhaps it has been taken for granted that everyone has heard of this group which was founded by John Robbins, author of "Diet for a New America.") Kudos go to them as always, but especially after the most recent issue of their newsletter. It was excellent; and as always, ready to handle the important issues. Contact EarthSave at 706 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

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