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Penelo Pea Pod reaches Thanksgiving Day revelers on 5th Avenue, and holiday shoppers at Rockefeller Center, with "101 Reasons."

Table of Contents

The VivaVine to suspend publishing for a year: The year for "101 Reasons," the book

Resource guide to the Veggie Ctr.: VivaVegie prints 15,000

Time for vegi-blab: Monthly rap 'n' wraps at the Veggie Ctr.

The push is on: VivaVegie puts emphasis on street outreach

Fuel-efficient: VivaVine distribution via human propulsion

Vegetarian News: USDA secretary Ann Veneman stands up to entrenched subisidies, and other stories


To-do list for VivaVegie Volunteers

Big thank yous from VivaVegie



Rachel Summerose gives commuters a good read at Union Square: VivaVegie's outreach coordinator and her veg-evangelists work hard distributing our "101 Reasons" (the "mighty convincer") to pedestrians and commuters. But they know how to have fun, too, with an after-activism restaurant outing. Call 718-907-0978 to join in the fun.


2002: The year of "101 Reasons," the book!

The VivaVine to suspend publishing for a year

By Pamela Rice

Photo by Ted Teisler
Here we are at our 47th issue of The VivaVine. We've gotten to be a habit with a lot of people since January 1992, when we began publishing. But now it's time to take a break. No, we're not gone for good, just gone until a certain important project is done-namely the completion of "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" in book form.

A few people know of my hopes for "101 Reasons" bookdom. Fewer know that I have all but given up because of my many obligations, not the least of which is publishing this magazine.

I've finally decided that if it's ever going to get done, I'm going to have to lighten my load a little.

Members of the VivaVegie Society in good standing, who receive The VivaVine as part of membership, will have a number of options during our yearlong break. Herewith is a self-addressed post card, which members can send back to us indicating their choice.

Of course members need not reply at all, and we will resume sending them the issues of The VivaVine that they are entitled to once the break period is up. Those who choose this option will stay on our mailing list throughout 2002.

Some members may prefer to receive copies of the pamphlet version of "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" in lieu of future issues of The VivaVine. Back issues of The VivaVine are also an option.

Finally, we're happy to send a prorated refund to anyone who requests it.

To help with your decision, call 646-424-9595.



Full carnivore to pure vegan, overnight

Thank you for helping to open my eyes with "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian." I first came across it at Candle Cafe, which I now know always has copies on display.

At the time, I was a full carnivore but aimed to please my lacto-ovo girlfriend by taking her to a restaurant that was veggie-accommodating. We both read parts of your "101 Reasons" that evening, and by the next morning something had changed for both of us. Through some trial and tribulation we have now both arrived in the promised land: Pure Vegan.

Anthony DelGreco
New York, New York

Park Slope Coop lets members decide

I have to disagree with the sentiments of the person who announced that she would not be rejoining the Park Slope Food Coop because of its decision to carry organic red meat (The VivaVine, Fall 2001). I still believe that my coop is head and shoulders above other grocery stores.

The beef proposal was placed in a membership referendum after an extended period of debate, leafleting, and newsletter contributions by members. Would other stores offer this to their shoppers? And the policy can always be reversed as the coop gains more vegetarian members. The coop-which, argu-ably, offers the best and most inexpensive produce selection in NYC-continues to be a highly progressive and vital community resource for vegetarians.

Seth Asher
Brooklyn, New York


Vegetarian News

As the U.S. Congress battles over current farm-bill legislation, could vegetarians have an ally in USDA secretary Ann Veneman? Believe it or not, she's been questioning the entrenched billions of dollars in subsidies long enjoyed by big commodity growers-giant Midwestern feed-grain interests in particular.

Former secretary Dan Glickman always let the big guys have their toys, no questions asked. But now with a Web site from the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) revealing obscene give-aways to the wealthiest farmers and getting millions of hits too, Ms. Veneman and her allies just might be able to feel their oats at last.

Moreover, as citizens begin to get a graphic picture of the colossal handouts, will they be ready to cut off the life support? And if so, might some environmental programs-those that do nothing more than make taxpayers pay for messes made by factory farms-and dairy price floors be mothballed as well? (These programs get passed as concessions to states that don't benefit as much from commodity subsidies.) In the end, can we vegetarians even dream of a time when the real cost of meat and dairy is reflected at the retail level, not at the tax-return level? Will meat eaters ever pay their own way?

In other news, a recent study reveals that China has been overreporting its fish catches. Conclusion: The world's seafood supply is not increasing but seriously declining. The global effects of overfishing are worse than we imagined....

Another study showed that one in five samples of ground supermarket meat in America is contaminated with salmonella, with most of the bacteria resistant to at least one antibiotic....

Finally, Cipro is the antibiotic of choice for anyone infected with anthrax. Unfortunately, chickens today are routinely administered a similar drug (Baytril) to make them grow faster. Overuse of the drug could render Cipro useless to chicken eaters.



Calendar editor: Evelyn Gilbert, evhotstory@aol.com.

Fri., Jan. 18-Fri., Jan. 25

Activists, join Floridians for Humane Farms in gathering signatures to ban sow farrowing crates in Florida. Info: 954-946-1691, info@bancruelfarms.org.

Sun., Jan. 27

VegOut celebrates its 7th anniversary! Info: 212-802-8655, vegout1@juno.com.

Sat., Feb. 9

Bay Area Veg Fair with John Robbins, Neal Barnard, and others. Hosted by VegkNews at the Santa Clara Conven-tion Center. Info: http://www.vegfair.com.

Sat., Feb. 16

The American Vegan Society and the Institute for Plant Based Nutrition host an international conference on Chinese nutrition and cuisine in Philadelphia's historic Chinatown. Info: http://www.chinatownconference.com.

Thurs., Feb. 21

Earthsave diner and lecture by Rynn Berry, il Campenello 136 West 31st St., between 6th and 7th Avenues (near Penn Station), 6:30-10:00 p.m. Info: 212-696-7986, nyc@earthsave.org, http://nyc.earthsave.org/

Fri., Feb. 22-Sun., Feb. 24

Compassion for Animals Action Symposium at the Sher-aton Hotel in Gainesville, FL. Info: 904-454-4341, chasmo@netcommander.com, http://www.vegetarianevents.com.

Sun., Apr. 7-Mon., Apr. 8

Farm Sanctuary's factory-farming forum and rally in Trenton, NJ. Hear Gene and Lorri Bauston, Howard Lyman, and Wayne Pacelle. And for a star-studded evening, don't miss Farm Sanctuary's Gala 2002 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, "The Pink Palace," Sept. 21. Info: 607-583-2225, http://www.farmsanctuary.org.

Sun., Apr. 14

The Vegetarian Center presents Richard Schwartz, author and professor emeritus at the College of Staten Island, who will speak on the societal imperative of the vegetarian diet. He will also sign his new book, Judaism and Global Survival, as well as copies of his newly updated Judaism and Vegetarianism. The event will take place at the Vegetarian Center, 121 East 27th St., Suite 704, in Manhattan, 2 p.m. (talk at 2:30 p.m.); light refreshments will be served. Info: 646-424-9595, pamela@vivavegie.org.

Mon., May 13

The Vegetarian Center presents Michael Greger, MD, who will speak and lead a discussion on health. Are vegans and vegetarians as healthy as they can and should be? Surprising new research on vegetarian and vegan nutrition has highlighted the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 in the diet. Dr. Greger will review the latest research and share his recommendations for optimal vegetarian health. The event will take place at the Vegetarian Center, 121 East 27th St., Suite 704, in Manhattan, 6:30 p.m. (This event is in place of VivaVegie's monthly Rap 'n' Wrap. Guests are free to bring a sack meal or to order in.) Info: 646-424-9595, pamela@vivavegie.org.

Sat., Jun. 22

EarthSave International and Vegetarian Vision's Taste of Health at Damrosch Park, Broadway and W. 62nd St., in Manhattan. Info: 212-696-7986, nyc@earthsave.org.

Wed., Jul. 31-Sun., Aug. 4

North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest 2002, at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA. Info: 518-568-7979, navs@telenet.net, http://www.navs-online.org.

Resource Guide to the Veggie Center: Navigating the Veggie Center: Finally, VivaVegie's resource guide to the Vegetarian Center of New York City. We printed up 15,000 copies to distribute throughout 2002. This is one of our proudest achievements yet-a comprehensive log of veggie culture! [click to download]

Mon., Jul. 8-Sun., July 14

The International Vegetarian Union World Congress in Scotland. Info: http://www.ivu.org/congress/2002.

Rap 'n' Wrap every month in 2002

Where: The Vegetarian Center, 121 E. 27th St., Ste. 704, between Lex. and Park

When: The second Monday of the month, throughout 2002

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $4 suggested donation


Topic for the August 12 Rap 'n' Wrap: Coping as a vegetarian in a meat-eating world: the practical, the social, the political.

Rap 'n' Wrap: Where vegetarians sort things out from our own perspective: VivaVegie may be suspending the publication of its magazine throughout 2002, but Rap 'n' Wrap will go on as always. We plan to have these hoppin' get-togethers at the Veggie Center (121 East 27th Street, Suite 704, between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue South) every second Monday of the month, at 6:30. Call 646-424-9595 to confirm.



Accent on Wellness Natural Hygiene support group meets every Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Hygeia Center, 18 East 23rd St. A raw potluck is held the first Saturday of the month at 6:00 p.m. 212-253-2262, PlanetHealth@aol.com.

Brooklyn Raw holds a raw-foods potluck the third Friday of each month, 7:30 p.m. at Eco Books, 837 Union St., Brooklyn. 718-623-2698, info@ecobooks.com.

Central Jersey Vegetarian Group has a monthly restaurant trip and periodically hosts a major potluck or a special event. The next big thing: Chinese New Year. 908-281-6388.

Earthsave NYC holds a dinner/lecture in Manhattan on the second or third Thursday of every month. A plant-based buffet is included with the lecture. 212-696-7986, nyc@earthsave.org.

Iron Vegans' Raw Food Connection holds a potluck in Queens the second Saturday of the month at the home of the pie-makin' "dessert man" Hubert Davis. 718-263-7160.

NYC Vegetarians holds monthly dinners, potlucks, and other activities. In February it celebrates the Chinese New Year at Vege Vege. Call Les Judd at 718-805-4260 (Mon.-Thurs., before 10:00 p.m.), or write celiaveg@aol.com.

Vegetarian Vision: Speakers, dinner parties, and special events-always with an international flavor. 212-971-0653 in NYC, and 201-792-4221 in New Jersey, secretary@vegetarianvision.org.

VegOut (a social group for lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender vegetarians and friends) holds a potluck the fourth Sunday of the month. 212-802-8655, vegout1@juno.com.


VivaVine distribution

--via bicycle, of course!

If you've never been to New York City, you don't know traffic congestion! But rest assured, The VivaVine (except for a short period two years ago) has always been distributed via bicycle or pedestrian-by volunteers or paid messengers. So, as traffic busters and fossil-fuel conservationists, we're super politically correct. What's more, because our distributors are all vegetarians, we're riding on clean fuel. And since meat takes eight times as much fossil fuel to produce as plant-based foods, we're saving energy to boot. These days, when the United States seems to be repeatedly getting into trouble because of oil, you can call us downright patriotic! Paul Lamarca, Manhattan (left) and Seth Asher, Brooklyn (right).


Our esteemed contributors

The gelt-givers are generous this holiday season

Since our previous issue, donations of $25 or more were received from Sheila Low-Beer, Stephen Rogers, Alex Press, Mike & Jill Marinelli, Marcella Lopez, Nancy Gordon & Paul Swedenburg, Amy Deutsch, Arlen Baden, the Mary T. & Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation, Frank E. Johnson, Craig & Cherie Cline, Jay & Bonny Stelzer, Athena Angelus, Veronica Strouch (in memory of Leon Greenberg), and Rachel Friend. Donations of $150 or more were received from Candle Cafe, Glen & Joan Boisseau Becker, Bernard Goetz, Eddie & Ellen Bikales, Mia MacDonald & Martin Rowe, and Hangawi.

Santa's helpers (volunteers) are VivaVegie heroes

There are many ways to make a difference if spreading knowledge about the virtues of vegetarianism is your calling. Special thanks to the following people who volunteered with the VivaVegie Society since the previous issue of The VivaVine: Rachel Summerose, Paul Lamarca, Arlen Baden, Tom Thompson, Seth Asher, Elena Romanova, Roy Vanegas, Murray Schechter, Bobbie Flowers, Evelyn Gilbert, Jesse Legue, Anthony DelGreco, and Judea Johnson.


Volunteer with the VivaVegie Society
Call 646-424-9595

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burke, English statesman and orator (1729-1797)



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