The Viva Vine: vol #1, no #5: November / December 1992

Dear Pamela:
I met you in front of Tower Records on Broadway starring as a veg-evangelist. I introduced you to my vegetarian dog and we discussed his preference for biscuits over prime rib! All of my friends and I would like to know of and participate with you in your veg-evangelistic work. Your style is very encouraging. Please contact us.
Sincerely, Randy F., NYC

(Ed. note: Yes, according to Randy, when a friend of his challenged him about his vegetarian dog, they put both a slab of prime rib and a biscuit down in front of him for him to eat. He chose the biscuit. The dog's coat, by the way, is beautiful.)

Dear Ms. Teisler:
I was given your "101 Reasons" list by my colon therapist last month & my life has not been the same since...
Sincerely, Amy S., Brooklyn, NY

Dear VivaVegie:
Recently I received a copy of "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian." (Ed. note: this person has the current issue printed in green ink.) In reference to item #30, I believe there is a subtle suggestion that it would be better to use formula vs. breast feed if you are not a vegetarian. Human breast milk is the best thing for human babies. I will be sending a copy of your publication to the International LeLeche League, a non-profit organization which encourages mothers to breast feed as well as make good nutritional choices.
--Lisa G.APO AE

(Lisa: I made no mention of baby formula in Reason #30 and did not have it in mind when the reason was written. I did not approach the issue from all angles as I see now; and really was not considering those women who insist on continuing their meat eating despite the risks. I do need to stand outside of my veggio-centric world sometimes. You're right, as I understand it, no matter the toxicity of human milk, as the result of flesh eating, breast feeding is superior to baby formula feeding. It's hard to believe, but true. Thank you for the critique, Lisa. I feel a little a-feared, though, of what the LeLeche League is going to do to me once they get their copy. ...Pamela)

...I just got back from my Amazon expedition which was fascinating.... Congratulations on your next printing of "101 Reasons." Some members of the Amazon trip were not vegetarians and ate hamburgers on their return to Iquitos -- helping to destroy the region they visited; they need to read your brochure.
Cordially, Ralph M., Santa Monica, CA

(Ralph, perhaps you now know that in the current edition of "101 Reasons," unlike the 1st edition, I make no mention of the Rainforest. True, cattle ranching in the Rainforest is a driving force behind up to half of their destruction. However, the truth is that only 2% of the meat consumed by people in the United States comes from the Rainforest. Rainforest land is simply and utterly not suited for cattle grazing, which is what makes ranching there such a tragedy. Because one individual in the U.S. becoming a vegetarian would have such a tiny effect upon the Rainforest specifically, I left this information out. I believe that there are other factors in the Rainforest story. Namely plain old greed, stupidity, and economic tyranny just to name a few.)

Thank you, all, for the letters to The VivaVegie Society. Keep it comin'!

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