The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #1: January / February 1995
Adopt-A-McDonald's Campaign

The Beyond Beef Campaign has a beef. In fact, in regards to the McDonald's Corporation, they have three. The advocacy coalition headed by Jeremy Rifkin, author of the book "Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture," is putting a little pressure on the multinational fast food chain, asking of it 3 little things: Number 1. McDonald's, Would you please put a veggie burger on your menu?; not just in The Netherlands (as you currently are), but in all of your restaurants here in the U.S. Number 2. Promote your veggie burger, McDonald's, with all that Madison Avenue has to offer. And, Number 3. Educate, McDonald's, educate! Let the American public (and the public of the world, no less) know about beef and its costly impact upon the world's economy, the world's environment, the world's health and the world's ethical conscience.

And to press the issue, The Beyond Beef Campaign plans to twist a few arms. With the help of a little VivaVegie Society-type activism. (Leafleting, what else?), The Beyond Beef Campaign is organizing a phalanx of thousands of leafleteers around the country, and around the world. These activists will be adopting-a-McDonald's, one at a time. Launch date for the campaign will be April 17 of this year. One thousand "team captains" will schedule their leafleteers to, in total, distribute a million flyers. (Pamela Teisler is now the NYC area coordinator of Adopt-A-McDonald's.)

The flyer will be designed around the theme of a receipt. A social receipt. It will challenge McDonald's hamburger eaters, at the entrance to those 1000 targeted McDonald's restaurants to ponder "the real cost" of that 59cents hamburger they're about to eat. McDonald's hamburger eaters are going to hear, perhaps for the very first time what the consequences are of their peculiar dietary preference. Join the campaign! Contact the Beyond Beef Campaign, 1130 17th St., NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC. 20036-4606. Call 202-775-1132. To "adopt" your own McDonald's restaurant in the NYC area, contact The VivaVegie Society at Email

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