The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #1: January / February 1995

Dear Pamela,
The new "101 Reasons I'm a Vegetarian" is great and I would like to order 100 copies. I have convinced several people to explore the vegetarian way with this flyer.
I started a vegetarian group as well as an animal rights group. Hope one of these years it will be just one, but at this time not all of the animal rights members are ready for a vegetarian diet and not all of the vegetarians are vegetarians for ethical reasons. I have my work cut out.
Keep up the good work, Socorro M. Sargent, El Paso, TX

Dear Pamela -
I'm the first caller you spoke to after you were aired on WBAI this afternoon. I am contemplating "the switch" and would be greatly assisted if I had your crystallized philosophy in the form of "101 Reasons" in my mental arsenal. After all, I've got to tell my Mom something when I visit her and won't eat turkey this Thanksgiving. I'll show her the pamphlet too.
Thanks! -Regards, Toni M., NYC

Dear Pamela:
Your article on juicing in the last issue of "The VivaVine" was excellent; however, 2 points come to mind. 1) It is best to sip or spoon-feed the juice rather than drink it like water. The body gets shocked when you just "drink" it. 2) Resistance exercise is key to health. Resistance exercise forces blood into the bones and de-toxes as well. This resistance is necessary for our gums as well -- so it is imperative that we eat (and chew well) a wide variety of fruits and veggies and a goodly amount.
Warm best wishes,
--Jo Willard, Natural Hygiene, Inc., Huntington, CT.

Ed. Note: What I hear Jo Willard saying is that chewing should be part of a healthy body's physical work-out, so to speak. Though we do not think of it as exercise, like swimming or jogging, chewing is indeed exercise, necessary for health. Drinking juice all the time, therefore, may do our gums an injustice as they need the work out too, and on a regular basis. (Jo Willard is the editor of The Journal of Natural Hygiene. She has been a natural hygienist for some 40 years and a radio spokesperson on the subject for many, many of those years. Hear her wonderful voice and her wonderful message of natural hygiene on WBAI in the NYC metropolitan area, 95.5 FM every Wed., at 9 am. And those of you in Long Island, Connecticut or Maine, hear her every Sat., at 2 pm on WPKN, 89.5 FM.

Dear Pamela -
It was good talking to you over the phone the other day. I'm sorry that you haven't read "Fit for Life" by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond yet. Tell you the truth, I'm was appalled! This is the bible!!! This book lays a foundation on diet and life in general. It tells you about proper fruit consumption; natural hygiene; natural cycles; high-water content food; food combining; etc., etc., etc. NO ONE should go through life without this knowledge. It's inhuman. I believe it should be taught in elementary school! It should be a requirement to move on to another grade! Shame on you for not reading it.

Getting back -- I would like a list of references, please, to your "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian." Here's $1 and an SASE for 4 copies.
-Thanks, and all my love,
John M., Minneapolis, MN

Ed. Note: Okay, okay . . . ! I'll read it. Just after I read Al Gore's current book, "Earth in the Balance."

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