The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #1: January / February 1995
Have you ever wondered . . .

about Natural Hygiene? According to Natural Hygienist Steve Pastor, "Natural Hygiene is a system of healthful living and health care, based upon the science of applied physiology which promotes healing and cleansing through diet, exercise, rest, fresh air, and sunshine resulting in optimal well-being and emotional poise. A person adhering to the precepts of Natural Hygiene effectively gets out of the way of the body's natural healing abilities, supplying the basic requirements of life in their purest form."

According to another Natural Hygienist, the typical diet in America is full of addictive foods with animal-based foods resulting in the worst addictions of all. In addition, he writes, "it is common to find that when people eat high on the food chain, they desire such things as concentrated sugars, caffeine and alcohol to compensate for a resulting low energy level. Highest on the food chain of course is meat -- draining so much energy to metabolize and process during digestion that soon after, something "potent," a "fix" so to speak, is needed for another energy boost. Eliminating the energy drain of sugar, caffeine, salt, oils and even spices, let alone animal-based foods, and substituting in raw, whole, unprocessed foods entirely free from stimulants, channels away the addictive syndrome." our Natural Hygienist continues, "fasting is a method of bodily cleansing one may employ. It gives the body a chance to clean and revitalize itself from within. Dietary overload of addictive foods, however, makes this cleansing initially unpleasant; and diets focused around meat contribute even more to the difficulties. Discomfort begins when addictive foods and their by-products, stored in the body, are traveling into eliminative channels more quickly during the fast. That is, antibiotics, toxic agricultural chemicals, and meat decay that build up in the body from eating flesh foods become significantly higher in the blood and various organs during early stages of a fast -- causing what is called a "healing crises." our Natural Hygienist suggests that an easier fast is one done on a daily basis, from 10 to 14 hours nightly.

Make a note, people, that there is a newly formed group that calls itself Natural Hygiene New York which meets on the second Sunday of every month. The next meeting will be on February 14 from 2-4 p.m. (Be prompt.) It meets at the Lamb's Club, 130 W. 44th St. in Manhattan in one of the lower level meeting rooms. A suggested donation is $3. Call (212)459-4209 to hear NHNY's hotline message, or to leave a message.

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