The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #1: January / February 1995
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One important person who needs a little veg-evangelical enlightenment is President Clinton. It's been said that he eats like a Tasmanian devil, with high-fat, processed foods being his favorites. No food seems to be restricted from his diet. Jay Leno rightfully warned in his Tonight Show monologue that Al Gore is "just a Big Mac away from the Presidency." Richard Schwartz, author of "Judaism and Vegetarianism," told me he's sent a copy of "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" to the President. Sounds like Clinton may be too far gone at this time to get anything out of it, that is if he receives it. According to a story in the Jan. 17 issue of The New York Times Magazine, Alice Waters of Berkeley's "exceedingly cutting-edge" restaurant Chez Panisse wrote the President urging him to appoint a White House chef who would serve food that shows "care for our waters and pastures."

Drop your own line to the new Prez: President Bill Clinton, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC., 20500.

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