The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #3: May / June 1993
Good Folks, Get to Know Them

Deja Shoes:
Looking for non-leather shoes? Better yet, looking for non-leather shoes made from recycled materials? Deja Shoes made their debut in New York City this year at Earth Day in Bryant Park. And once you got past the crowds around their booth, you found out that the stylish and sturdy shoes cluttering their table came from old milk jugs, soda bottles, polystyrene cups, diaper manufacturing trim, tire rubber, coffee filters, magazines and cardboard as well as wetsuit trim waste. That is, garbage! And they looked, oh so chic! The story of the woman who started the business, Julie Lewis, is also quite inspiring. After bucking the odds, winning a grant, and doggedly pursuing the technology, the business agreements, the rubbish and a prototype, Ms. Lewis now markets through such outlets as Canal Jeans, Barney's and Bloomies (subliminal message #83: avoid Bloomingdales; they still sell fur). Five percent of Deja's pre-tax profits is pledged to the Species Survival Commission of the World Conservation Union. Their motto is one we all need to heed:

"Recycle and conserve resources, conserve resources and protect habitats, protect habitats and save species."

To contact Deja Shoes, call (503)624-7443; or write: DEJA, 7320 S.W. Hunziker, Suite 305, Tigard, Ore. 97223.

Vegetarian Gourmet:
Vegetarians can always use a "come-back" when we take the needling, "So, what on earth do you eat?" Keep a copy of Vegetarian Gourmet with you, and say no more. Just open the magazine with over 100 recipes and flip the pages to stop the "Yahoos" in their tracks. And now, VG is answering the call for vegan cuisine. For a year's subscription in the U.S., send $12.95 to Vegetarian Gourmet, Chitra Publications, 2 Public Ave., Montrose, PA 18801.

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