The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #3: May / June 1993
Thank You...

To the following people for their help on the Adopt-A-McDonald's Campaign . . . Special thanks go out to: Leon Gruenbaum (with special gratitude); also, Rochelle Goldman, Jesse Silverman, Bob Morris, Dennis Law, Hubert Davis, Alice Marie Codling, Karen Birg, Jean Thaler, Ashley, and Kenny Laufer. Thanks to: Manny Goldman, Karl Monroe, Debby Stromberg, Laurie Pollack, Greg Christopher, Pat Mezzullo, Lee Gross, Susan Rothman, Barry Hartglass, Ron Montano, Randy Fredericks, Neal Scoones, Gloria Stevenson, Dr. Jay Mancini, Sam Weinreb, Donna Blaszcyk, Dennis Johnsen, Jay and Susan Civic, Michael Hudak, Linda Orfield, Chris Shaffer, Paul Lamarca, Emily Ready, Eleanor Townsend, Naomi Smith, Robert Greene, Cristina A. Suzuki, Haley Rima, Sarah Corning, Joyce Ghosh, Elizabeth Coleville, Ella Pearlman, Adella Pisarevsky, Diane Durkowski, Tony White, Carrie Dugans, Elgin Eckert, Jeff Kleinbard, Adam Ardelle, and Michael Caracushanski (Ed. note: My apologies to anyone we missed.)

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