The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #4: September / October 1993

Dear VivaVegie Society:
As a vegetarian I am constantly under fire for my dietary habits by family and co-workers. I would appreciate receiving the list of reasons why Pamela Teisler is a vegetarian so I may further enlighten the "less informed." I learned of this list in the Spring, 1993 issue of PETA News. Thanks,
--Denise C., Tampa, Fl.

Dear Pamela:
Can you please send me your list of "101 Reasons" why you're a vegetarian. I am in need of converting but I need some encouragement. Thank you very much,
--Shaun R., NYC

Dear Ms. Teisler:
I am currently planning my wedding and we would like an animal-free reception. Do you know of any caterers that could handle such a request. Thanks,
--Kimberly M., NY

Dear Kimberly:
I got engaged, myself, about the time I received your letter, in March, and was married in August. My new husband and I didn't get married in the NYC area, however, but in Chicago; so if I recommended a place here in NYC, it would not be from a good overall vantage point. I can tell you that my best friend had a vegan wedding and reception at Nosmo King in lower Manhattan a year ago. Her dietary requirements were very sensitively catered to there.

You might also check out Apple Restaurant, Zen Palate, and Caravan of Dreams -- all in New York City.

As for my reception in Chicago, keeping the affair vegan all but wore me out! I would simply state to the chef that the dinner was to be vegetarian and dairy-free, and he would come back with entree and side dish suggestions having milk, cheese and butter in them.

I had to keep up the tenacity of a true veg-evangelist -- which in this case was even hard for me! And then (and I'm still afraid to call and ask) I think that our vichyssoise came with milk in it!
- Pamela

Dear VivaVegie Society:
Enclosed please find my check for $181 for the following:
- $175 for 500 copies of the outstanding "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" (Reason #10 was enough for me);

- $5 to be on your mailing list for a year;

- $1 and SASE for four detailed lists of references for the above flyer. Bless you for your great work! The animals and I thank you. Sincerely,
--(Anonomous), Livingston, NJ.

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