The Viva Vine: vol #2, no #4: September / October 1993
VUNA / AVS Call to Action

Do you have access to a database of media contacts? Or, do you simply have access to a computer with a database program that can help you systematically send out press releases? The Vegetarian Union of North America and the American Vegan Society have put forth a *Call to Action* since their Oregon conference in early August. The document is a clarion call to those key people and institutions in our society who stand between the general public and a vegetarian way of life. It is directed at cardiologists, chefs, government officials, physicians, schools, the beef and dairy industries, the health and life insurance industries, as well as cancer and heart societies. The document is directed towards the public in general as well, that is anyone concerned with their health, the environment, and farm animals. A vegetarian diet should be recognized, it says, as one to adopt or strive for in light of recent overwhelming proof. The document cites the recent scientific studies of Dr. Dean Ornish. VUNA and AVS are asking vegetarian activists to distribute the proclamation via media points accompanied by a press release.
Contact Vegetarian Union of North America for more information. VUNA, P.O. Box 9710, Washington D.C. 20016.

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