Nadine Miral of Earthbase


The VivaVine: Volume #4, No. 4; Sept./Oct., 1995

The VivaVegie Society is priviledged to have Nadine Miral of Earthbase, New York City's environmental and animal rights multi-media archive, gracing its front page this issue.

(Remember, this part of The VivaVegie Society's web site is a reprint of the paper version of The VivaVine, the newsletter of The VivaVegie Society.

If you are a photographer and have photographs with environmental or animal rights editorial content, contact Earthbase. They'll be happy to hear from you! You can reach them at their Email address: or through their URL:

If you prefer the phone, call them at 212-614-8044 (fax: 212-614-8043).

In the future, the front page could be reserved for you! For a $100 donation to The VivaVegie Society, have your picture on the front of The VivaVine.

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