The VivaVine: Volume #4, No. 4; Sept./Oct., 1995

While Coney Island's

thugs waltzed the street

unintimidated, by the NYPD . . .

New York's "Finest" found it appropriate to arrest vegetarians at the 80th annual Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on the 4th of July (1995).

Jed Civic is shown here, handcuffed, after being arrested

for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. In reality, all he and 10 others were doing was peacefully educating the public at the event by distributing pro-vegetarian literature, including the now famous "What is a hot dog?" flyer. Might the police have thought its civic function was to provide unofficial security guard duties for the famous vendor of dead animal flesh in casings? Or worse, did the NYPD violate the constitutional rights of peaceful protesters?


See the nicely illustrated "What is a hot dog?" flyer, and read how The VivaVegie Society's activities were covered at Nathan's by CNN and Headline News.

Find out what PETA did at the World Meat Congress held in June, 1995.

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