Joan Zacharias
The Viva Vine: vol #4, no #5: Nov./Dec. 1995


The VivaVegie Society is priviledged to have Joan Zacharias of Brooklyn, NY as its veg advocate for the Nov./Dec., 1995 issue of The VivaVine

(Remember, this part of The VivaVegie Society's web site is a reprint of the paper version of The VivaVine, the newsletter of The VivaVegie Society.

Joan is the advertising director for The VivaVine. She also has been an enormous help to The VivaVegie Society, as a writer and a thorough expiditer of important tasks.

Call Joan during work hours (eastern standard time) to arrange to advertise in The VivaVine: 212-971-1511; fax: 212-971-1529

In the future, the front page could be reserved for you! For a $100 donation to The VivaVegie Society, have your picture on the front of The VivaVine.

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