Pamela Rice
VivaVegie's Vegetarian Center
filmed October 3, 2004

On October 3, 2004, the Compassionate Living Project came to VivaVegie's Vegetarian Center. to feature president Pamela Rice speaking about subsidies to the meat industry. The husband and wife video team ( Neil and Annie Hornish) also featured Pamela giving a tour of the Center.

Here's what Neil Hornish tells VivaVegie he and Annie plan to do with the footage:

First, we plan to use the footage to produce a 1/2 hour episode of our cable access program "Animal Matters", which will be an interview with you, discussing government subsidies. This will include as much of the eight questions you answered in the interview as well as the tour of the veggie center. This program will air on cable access stations throughout Connecticut (currently approx. 75 towns).

Second, a few "sound bites" from your interview will be used in the "True Price of Beef" video. This video also includes sound bites from Gene Bauston. The purpose of this video is to examine the impact beef production has on the environment, the cows, wild life, the exploitation of slaughterhouse employees and the burden on taxpayers from government subsidies (focusing on grazing on public lands).

This program is intended to primarily be a tool for humane educators and other interested individuals who wish to use it as part of an educational presentation, although I'm sure we will show it on our public access program as well. It's been suggested that Neil and Anne Hornish approach public television. They're keeping this idea in the back of their minds.

-- Neil Hornish


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