• Three talks at the Veggie Center
• Three talks at NAVS
Since Pamela Rice was scheduled to give three talks at the NAVS* Summerfest, she figured she might as well give the talks for the locals in the week that led up the event. She spoke on Monday, July 31, on the environmental impact of society's meat-centered diet; on subsidies to the meat industry on Tuesday, August 1; and on the environmental impact of global fishing on Wednesday, August 2. Total: Six talks in one week... The above picture is of those who stayed behind for discussion at Monday's talk at the Veggie Center.

Audiotapes of the subsidy talk and the talk on the environmental impact of global fishing are available for $5 each. Send check with your request to the mailing address, below, to obtain a cassette copy. For more information, click to E-mail.

Better yet, invite Pamela Rice to speak to your environmental group, political club, civic society, or neighborhood association. Click here for more.

* NAVS stands for North American Vegetarian Society. NAVS presents its Summerfest every year.


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