All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.

--Edmund Burke English statesman and orator (1729-1797)

Vegetarian Center
One Union Square West, Ste 512
at 14th Street, above "Diesel" 212-966-2060
[NOTE: office is temporarily closed]

It's Volunteer Time! Here's What You Can Do:

  • Take Charge. Keep the VivaVegie library in order.
  • Veg-evangelist. Street outreach distributing copies of "101 Reasons" to the public.
  • Organize. Straighten out menus or the photo album at the Veggie Center.
  • Publicity. Keep in touch with media points to let them know about VivaVegie.
  • Be an Answer Maven. Answer E-mail inquiries made to the VivaVegie Society.
  • Type. Database input is never ending.
  • Outreach. Get "101 Reasons" sold at a local store, restaurant, or office.
  • Get Clerical. Filing is a constant need at the Vegetarian Center.
  • Compile. Keep promotional mail/flyers in order.
  • Do an Errand. Call when you have a little bit of time to run across town.
  • Public Relations. Make a splash. Get media for VivaVegie.
  • Make a Presentation. Display VivaVegie archive material chronologically in notebooks.
  • Sales. Sell advertising in in the next issue of "101 Reasons."



VivaVegie Society
P.O. Box 163
Pocono Lake, PA 18347