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VivaVegie Society, 501(c)3

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October 2023

At present, VivaVegie Society needs are very modest. This may change, but for now, essentially our expenses are confined to those associated with keeping this Web site going and the content flowing.

Consider this Web site,, to be a LEGACY Web site. That is, a chronicle of rich content from the active years: 1992–2018. VivaVegie Society is not currently coordinating events or producing published works (as it did so prolifically in the past). Basically, all that we produce right now is digital and virtual and posted here.

Again, this could change. And if it does, we'll let people know right away.

A detailed budget is forthcoming. Meanwhile, we can say that VivaVegie's yearly expenses amount to less than $2,000 per year. (Now, how many non-profits can say that?)

To continue operations, following is a pretty good rundown of yearly expenses that will be incurred.
Yearly Cost
Bank fees
Domain name (Network Solutions)
Digital hardware (scanners, cameras, voice recorders, etc., as needed)
Post office box
Design platform (
Web site hosting (
Content creation within the Web site
As this Web site grows in content, the issue of preservation will become extremely important. Our concern? How can what's presented here be available in an historic sense?

As has been mentioned in other parts of this Web site, we believe the content at is a chronicle of a moment in time. The conditions that made it happen, back then, will never come again.

We're hoping that some people, who value the material at this Web site, will want to support a trust of sorts, whereas, certain custodians into the future will see to it that the Web site does not go dark, 25 years, 50 years, and even hundreds of years into the future.

Thank you for your interest in VivaVegie Society.

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